Fusion Fit Adult Gymnastics

The Lowcountry's FIRST and ONLY Adult Gymnastics Program!

** Adult Gymnastics IS for YOU! **
Are you...
  • a former gymnast

  •  brand new to the sport of gymnastics

  • have always had the itch to try gymnastics

  • wanting to learn a handstand, cartwheel

  • wanting to progress to more challenging skills

  • wanting to learn a pull up or swing on the bars

  • simply looking for another great way to workout and stay fit & active...

Adult Gymnastics Program covers:
  • learning gymnastics skills, drills and techniques

  • starting with the foundations and working your way to more advanced skills

  • progressing on an individual basis

  • strength and conditioning

  • mobility and stretching

  • body awareness, power, and total body fitness amongst other systems

  • functional movement 

  • competition team with other adults if desired

What makes Fusion Fit Adult Gymnastics Unique?

  • We start from the ground up

  • A strong foundation, proper form, is how to progress and master skills

  • Strength and conditioning is essential

  • Mobility and good posture are musts

  • We have fun, while focusing on quality

  • We’ve taken traditional artistic gymnastics and made it doable for adults of all ages, walks of life, and goals

  • Gymnastics improves the lifestyle and well-being of adults 

  • This is how you build upper body strength

  • Our community

  • The mental aspect is critical

Adult Gymnastics Classes

Learn the foundations, technique, skills and drills from basic to advanced gymnastics on floor exercise, bars, beam… Beginner to advanced levels

Adult Gymnastics Competition Team

Join our Adult Gymnastics team and compete on one, two or all four events.  We compete in NAIGC and AAU competitions.

Gymnastics+PaddleFusedFitness Fusion

Gymnastics floor and tumbling skill class on land followed by Paddle Fused Fitness on the water with gymnastics style skills and exercises including inversions, balances, headstands and handstands, bridges and more.

1.25 hrs each


Mobility, Strength and conditioning workout with a gymnastics foundation. Whether you want to become a stronger adult gymnast or just want to have the fitness and aesthetics of a gymnast.


Gymnastics strength & conditioning and mobility workout on land followed by SUP paddle on the May.

1.25 hrs each

Indo/Rev Board & Slackline Classes

Coming soon! Learn more about our Fusion Classes

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