Fusion Fit Adult Gymnastics

in Coastal Gymnastics Center

(4371 Bluffton Parkway, Bluffton, SC)

The Lowcountry's FIRST and ONLY Adult Gymnastics Program!

Whether you...
  • have past gymnastics experience or are brand new to the sport..

  • have the itch to learn:

  • a handstand, cartwheel or progress to some tumbling skills and flips..​

  • how to do a pull up, swing bars..

  • or simply want another great way to workout and stay in shape...

** Adult Gymnastics is for You! **

Program includes:
  • learning gymnastics skills, drills and techniques starting with the foundations and working your way to more advanced skills

  • progressing on an individual basis

  • strength and conditioning

  • mobility and stretching

  • body awareness, power, and total body fitness amongst other systems

  • functional movement 

  • competition team with other adults if desired

Hi! My name is Rachel Cantore.  


I am a former competitive club gymnast.  I did 15 years at a prestigious club gym in the Chicagoland suburbs of Illinois called IGI Gymnastics.  I coached competitive club gymnastics for another 12 years - 10 of those years at IGI, followed by another combined 3 years in Orange County, Southern California and Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.  


I competed and coached at the same gymnastics club for a combined 25 years (from 3 to 28 years old)!  In other words, Gymnastics has been my life for pretty much my entire life.  It's my family and my home.

After taking a break from coaching for almost 5 years to pursue full time Personal Training, Lifestyle & Nutrition Coaching, and launching my own business, Fusion Fit, I found myself itching to get back involved in the sport, both personally and professionally. 


Coastal Gymnastics, Bluffton and Hilton Head's local gymnastics club, has allowed me to build a new "home" for myself and other adult's interested in pursuing learning the sport of gymnastics, and even taking it to the next level to compete as an adult.

I’m beyond excited to bring you the Fusion Fit Adult Gymnastics Program!  It feels great to be involved in something I’ve been passionate about and built an expertise around throughout my entire life.  I'm look forward to coaching you in the sport of Gymnastics!

Rachel Cantore

Class Options (Once or twice weekly):

🤸‍♀️ Tuesday and Thursdays


6:30 pm 

🤸‍♀️ Monday and Thursdays


11:00 am

Beginner fitness -1.5 hours, 1 day/week. Advanced fitness and Competitive team - 2 hours, 2 days/week.

All classes start at the same time.


Comfortable fitted clothing you can move and tumble/workout in.  We recommend avoiding anything too loose fitting.  Bring a towel and water bottle.  Chalk is available for purchase in single blocks (due to COVID regulations).  Socks are NOT recommended for safety.  Wrist supports are permitted if desired for support and comfort. Grips are ok once there is a basic understanding and skills including kips and swings.

**Click below to schedule yourself, then complete registration paperwork and bring to your first class**

***Please complete the registration paperwork found the link below and bring to your first class.

Pricing & Packages

Adult Gymnastics

$30 - Single Class

$99/month - Monthly, 1x/week

avg 4x/mos, $24.75/class

$189/month - Monthly, 2x/week

avg 8x/mos, $23.60/class

$249/month - Monthly, unlimited 

avg 12x/mos, $20.75/class

$259/month - All-Access Unlimited Monthly Membership (included small group training and adult gymnastics)

avg 20+x/mos, $12.95/class/session

$249/10-Pack Sessions

avg $24.90/class (3 mos expiration)


**prices subject to change. begin any day of the week/month. memberships are auto-billed monthly on the same date. a credit or debit card is required to book and hold a membership, members may pay via check or cash prior to monthly due date.

The scheduling system we use is called "SCHEDULICITY".  You may find and access it via computer/web browser or the iPhone/Android app store.  View sessions and classes in the "Class" section.

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