Fusion Fit Adult Gymnastics Certification

Would you like to learn and get certified to coach gymnastics for Adults?

Are you a trainer, coach or fitness enthusiast looking for a different type of workout to offer your current clients or new ones in your area?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, I have something for you.

I will be offering a certification course later this year, likely it will be available within the next few months.

I am working to have it CEC approved too, so Personal Trainers and coaches who need CECs to recertify may take the course for credits.

If this is something of interest to you, please DM me with your name and email so I can send out the deets as soon as they’re available.

Why Fusion Fit Adult Gymnastics?

Gymnastics is an excellent sport that adults can learn and excel at that necessitates well rounded training and fitness. You will train multiple systems, and challenge your body and mind. Learning gymnastics is about much more than just throwing oneself through a skill. There is a baseline of strength and conditioning, flexibility and mobility, balance and core stability required. Next to that learning proper shapes and positions, form and technique from the ground up will ensure you properly and optimally learn and progress in the sport, avoid injury, and enjoy yourself doing so. Gymnastics and what is learned and gained from the sport carries over into other areas of life, from discipline, focus, total body fitness and wellness. Fusion Fit’s Adult Gymnastics Certification and Program is designed with the above in mind. We want you to get the most out of the sport, it’s benefits to fitness and wellness, and have fun doing so.

Course objectives (if applicable)

  • Be proficient in demonstrating exercises

  • Be able to put together a workout

  • Effectively and efficiently run and operate and Adult Gymnastics class including warm up, strength and conditioning, and skills and drills

  • Understand basics of Gymnastics, skills and drills

  • Understand equipment

  • Be proficient at safety and assessing your surroundings, risk and injury prevention

  • Have a basic comprehension of biomechanics, body movement and body awareness

  • Be able to spot basic skills and drills

Course Structure and Content

Course will be live, in person, with hands-on education on how to perform skills, exercises, drills, etc.  These will be recorded live as well, then provided to attendees for access.

2022 Course Dates

Registrants may choose from three scheduled Course dates this year at our location in Bluffton, South Carolina. Alternatively, they may schedule to have the course brought to their location in person.


  • Coastal Gymnastics Facility at 4371 Bluffton Parkway,


  • October 1-2



Follow the link below to pay and register.  Email FusionFitGymnastics@gmail.com with the Course dates you will be attending. 

Host a Course

Interested in hosting a course in your town?  Would you like to have your whole team of coaches, instructors, or trainers certified in Fusion Fit Adult Gymnastics? We will coordinate and travel to your location to hold a course and certify groups!

Contact us to inquire or schedule a course >> FusionFitGymnastics@gmail.com

Instructor Bio

My name is Rachel Cantore.  I am the founder and owner of Fusion Fit and Stand and Paddle.  I currently reside in Bluffton, South Carolina where I operate my business which encompasses a Small Group Training Program, Adult Gymnastics Program, Paddle Boarding Lessons and Paddle Fused Fitness SUP Fitness Class Program, and Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching.


I was born and raised in the Chicagoland suburbs.  I grew up doing competitive club gymnastics from age 3 to 18 years old.  I then went on to coach gymnastics at the competitive level for another 12 years.  I graduated from University of Illinois at Chicago with a Bachelor’s in Movement Sciences - concentration in Exercise and Fitness, and Nutrition. 


I have been a personal trainer and coach in the health and fitness industry for over 15 years.  I lived for one year in California where I was director and personal trainer for Los Alisos Apartment Community.  I moved to South Carolina in September 2014 where I built from scratch a personal training and fitness program out of a Physical Therapy facility, Wellness Institute.  I launched Fusion Fit, in 2018 initially focused solely on Small Group Training and Nutrition Coaching.  That same year, I became PaddleFit certified and began collaborating with a local Stand Up Paddle Boarding business to hold Paddle Fitness classes.  Through these classes I developed the Paddle Fused Fitness program. I became sole owner of Stand and Paddle in 2020, and have since expanded on the Paddle Fused Fitness classes, as well as teaching SUP 101 lessons, racing and technique coaching and training, paddle tours and group outings.


In 2019, I launched the Adult Gymnastics Program out of Coastal Gymnastics Center, our local gymnastics club.  Within a year, I have been able to add classes to our schedule, start a local Adult gymnastics competitive team, and teach adults of all ages from 16 to over 65 years old how to do gymnastics.


I have always been passionate about gymnastics, training, fitness, and living a healthy, balanced, active, and fun lifestyle.  Members themselves will share that they experience these same things through Fusion Fit’s programs including Adult Gymnastics and Paddle Fused Fitness.



  • BS Movement Sciences (concentration in Exercise and Fitness) and Nutrition, minor in Psychology from University of Illinois at Chicago


  • NESTA Wellness Coach, Nutrition Coach, Fitness Nutrition Coach

  • Precision Nutrition Certified Nutrition Coach

  • Metabolic Effect Certified Personal Trainer

  • Metabolic Effect Level 3 Nutrition Coach

  • Next Level Human Metabolic Female

  • PaddleFit Certified Coach

  • Moderation 365 Certified Nutrition Consultant

  • IDEA World Fitness convention 5 time attendee



  • Personal Trainer, over 15 years

  • Gymnastics Coach, over 15 years

  • Competitive club gymnast, USAG level 9, for 15 years

  • Nutrition, Health and Wellness Coaching, cooking instruction, since 2008

  • SUP racer, 3 time 1st place winner