Fusion Fit Adult Gymnastics


Our adult gymnastics program includes stretching, strength and conditioning, and learning new skills, drills and techniques for gymnastics. Keep reading to for answers to common questions...


Gymnastics is a total body sport that calls on mastering various aspects of fitness and exercise. This includes (physically) strength, mobility, flexibility, endurance, power, agility, balance and stability. Mentally, Gymnastics teaches you about focus, discipline, consistency and commitment, perseverance, and muscle memory.


Our adult gymnastics program includes:
  • Learning skills, drills and technique on floor, bars, beam and vault apparatus

  • Strength and conditioning exercises

  • Stretching, flexibility and mobility

Who is adult gymnastics for?
  • Adults

  • Men and women, 16+ years old

  • CrossFitters 

  • Athletes

  • Adult gymnasts

  • Adults interested in improving fitness

  • Curious and wanting to learn how to tumble or perform gymnastics

  • Previous gymnasts, tumblers, acro athletes or cheerleaders

  • Newbies interested in gymnastics

Why should you do adult gymnastics?
  • Works the entire body

  • Also enjoyable

  • Body weight

  • Trains strength, mobility, balance and agility

  • It’s a fun

  • It’s a new kind of challenge

  • Want to keep up with kids and grandkids

  • Want to get stronger

What will you get out of a gymnastics workout versus other exercise and workout programs?
  • Fun

  • Different, unique

  • Works the entire body

  • Also challenges you mentally

  • Effective

  • Mental stimulation

  • Physical work

  • Fitness

What are the foundations of gymnastics strength and conditioning?
  • Body weight

  • Calisthenics - body weight

  • Balance and stability

  • Core strength, stabilization and mobility

  • Proper activation of major muscles: glutes, lat and core

  • Movement patterns

  • Body shapes: hollow, plank, arch, handstand

  • Mobility

  • Flexibility

  • Body awareness and muscle memory

  • Agility, power

Choose the conditioning workout if:
  • You want to get stronger

  • You want a fun, new, different, effective, enjoyable sort of workout to do

  • You're looking for something to do as a means of cross training

  • You want to improve your sport, or CrossFit fitness, performance and ability

  • You want to learn the foundations of body movements and patterns

  • You want to learn specific skills or how to tumble

  • We’re once a gymnast

  • Are curious about gymnastics and learning It

  • Want a new, different sport and workout to do

What are the most basic skills I’ll be working on/starting with?
  • There are foundational skills that build on every other skill thereafter. Beginners will start with the following (modifying and breaking these down further as per individual)

  • Rolls, forward and backward

  • Handstands

  • Cartwheels

  • Flexibility and splits

  • Jump backs

  • Bridges/backbends (per individual ability and limitations)

  • Body awareness and muscle memory

  • Movement patterns

**Should you wait to do adult gymnastics until you get stronger if you want to learn gymnastics?

NO, it's recommended that you do BOTH the skills/tumbling AND the conditioning workout. The reason being is they compliment each other. One helps you understand, apply and do better in the other. Yes, understanding and doing skills will help you see WHY you’re doing certain conditioning.

There’s also always a limit and learning curve to achieving and improving any skill so holding off on the skills class until you’re ‘ready’ doesn’t mean you’ll be ‘ready’ when that time comes. You’re ‘READY’ when and by taking action itself. Action is DOING the skills. I’m talking about drills, technique, and modifications of the skills you want to learn which you WILL do during the skills and tumbling class, but will NOT do in the conditioning workout.