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A 45 minute workout is Less than 4% of your day.


Which is why, at Fusion Fit, we don’t only work with our members on their journey's in the gym. We help them outside, too.

What you do beyond the gym is just as critical if you want to reach your goals and make the most of your workouts. Areas including nutrition, environment, mindset, movement, and the habits and behaviors surrounding these play huge roles.


That’s where Fusion Coaching comes in.


Make it a priority go beyond your workouts and address your nutrition, movement, mindset daily to supplement your training sessions and support fitness, health, results and goal achievement!

The "Clean Up Your Eating" Challenge

End-of-Year Lifestyle Program by Fusion Coaching




November is all about eliminating and minimizing inflammation, and taking care of our body and minds through the upcoming season.  Inflammation can create pain, hinder recovery and performance, affect our long term health, brain and focus, inhibit fat loss, affect metabolism and hormones, and much more. Inflammation comes about from injury, exercise (yes it’s a stressor), poor low quality diet, poor recovery or lack of it, lack or poor sleep, environment, and our thoughts.

So, say goodbye to dieting and the stress of gaining weight and feeling stressed around food this upcoming holiday season. 

This challenge program will be covering good eating behaviors, adopting a mindful and intuitive based eating approach, and keep you on track with your exercise, healthy lifestyle, and well-being.

The Fusion Fit and Fusion Coaching Brands are going to move you away from diets and meal plans. Starting with guidelines, an action plan, then applying mindful and intuitive practices you'll learn how to understand your body and eating/exercise, get results, and gain confidence and empowerment.

Have you let your healthy eating slide lately?


Stuck with losing those last couple of pounds?


Noticing lost pounds creeping back up?


Can you brush up on your nutrition?


Time to shed some pounds before the year ends.


Roll through the holiday season without ...

  •  losing track and falling off course with your eating

  • dieting or meal plans

ONLY $199


Stay On Track

If you want to stay accountable to healthy eating, fitness and lifestyle through the end of the year....

Maybe even lose some pounds or keep them from creeping on...

Join the Challenge!

You'll shed weight, feel and perform better, and keep your hormones balanced and metabolism humming with this mindful and Intuitive based approach.

Program Includes:

  • Action plan nutrition, exercise and lifestyle guidelines

  • Start up coaching session

  • 1 follow up coaching session (15 min)

  • Mindful eating practice weekly

  • Intuitive eating (biofeedback) practice weekly

  • Facebook private community support group

  • Unlimited Fusion Fit Group Training


Thinking of joining but still have questions? Give us a call, email or stop by one of our locations today!

Fusion Fit is Located in:

Cynergy 102 Buckwalter Pkwy


Wellness Institute 100 Okatie Center Blvd North

fusionfitgym@gmail.com | 630-300-8289