Get a workout boost!

We are bringing Fusion Fit Training to you! 

The benefits and enjoyment of training increase significantly when you workout outdoors in nature, sunshine, and fresh air!  

Fusion Fit Mobile's Mission is to provide elite level small group training in convenient, fun, open areas throughout the Lowcountry and entire Nation.

A mobile gym is a gym on wheels that comes to you. Built on wheels and equipped with nearly everything you need in a traditional gym.  A mobile gym is as effective as the conventional gym for a workout.

We will bring the gym right over to your residential community, place of work or local park, giving you no excuse not to get a good workout in.

We have various equipment such as:

- Barbells and Dumbbells

- Kettlebells

- Medicine balls, bands

- Suspension straps

- Stability balls, BOSUs, steps, agility and core equipment

- Squat rack

- Cable machine

Coming Soon in the Lowcountry!
- outdoor fitness parks

- local small businesses and corporate companies

- beaches

Inquire to Schedule or Learn More!