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*The Lowcountry’s Group Training*

Our Original Signature Program

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Weight Lifting and Resistance Training is the gold standard for a healthy metabolism, and sustainable results, whether it's weight loss or performance. getting lean and toned, side stepping pain and injury, protecting bones, or living a vibrant fit and healthy long life.

Transform your body. Build muscle. Burn fat.

Research continues to show weight trainings benefits. Plus, you can vary the style of your weight sessions once you’re comfortable and understand the basics to various specific goals including getting your heart rate up, and getting breathless hot and sweaty - I.e. cardiovascular benefits with weights!

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Mobility, stability, flexibility, muscular balance.

"A Personal Training Experience in a Small Group Setting"

Focused on strength, weight and resistance training with supplementary metabolic conditioning, functional and core training, and movement that yields top results, supports a healthy metabolism and balanced hormones, optimizes body composition and fat loss, promotes body change and total transformation, weight management and sustainability, as well as overall fitness, wellness and health.

Don’t just focus on burning calories and bumping up the intensity and volume of your workouts. 

To reach your goals and live your Best Life you need a training program that promotes a healthy metabolism, balanced hormones and safe, effective exercise. 


We will coach you through proper exercise and training, and correct form, technique and execution.  Workout ar scalable to various fitness levels, personal goals, and all ages (from 20s to 70s+)

At Fusion Fit, you’re going to get workouts designed with all this in mind!

Group Training Sessions are....
💪🏼 45 minutes long
💪🏼 Multiple workout times daily throughout the week at peak hours
💪🏼 A program design that includes both total body and targeted body part days on a weekly basis
💪🏼 Coaching and direction on exercise form, technique and execution 
💪🏼 Supplementary coaching on nutrition, lifestyle, and wellbeing

Get Results.

Be Strong, Lean and Toned.

Love to Train!

Personal Trainer Stretching Session


It’s More than what you do in the gym.  We help you connect the dots for better results.