Small Group Personal  Training

*Fusion Fit's Signature Program & Bluffton's ONLY TRUE Small Group PERSONAL Training*

"A Personal Training Experience in a Small Group Setting"

What's Your WHY to Work Out?  Do you want to...
  • To feel better

  • To look better

  • Improve fitness

  • Boost performance

  • Burn fat and lose weight

  • Build  strength and muscle

  • Healthy metabolism, hormone balance

  • Body change

  • Stress-free exercise and lifestyle

  • Prevent injury, alleviate pain

  • Healthy aging, longevity, mobility and vitality


Fusion Fit's Small Group Personal Training prioritizes strength, weight and resistance training in small groups of 6 individuals or less.  Supplementary metabolic conditioning, core and functional training is incorporated into sessions.  Workouts are designed to be simple, easy, enjoyable and effective for sustainable results.


Small Group Personal Training program supports well balanced physical strength and performance, a healthy functional metabolism, optimal body composition for body change and healthy weight management, and overall fitness and wellness. 


Small Group Personal Training is an essential piece of one's lifestyle amongst other key components for example movement, active living, sleep, rest and recovery, nutrition, mindset, and stress management.

During Small Group Personal Training sessions we coach individuals through exercises and movements prioritizing proper form, technique and execution.  Quality training is absolutely necessary so we teach members how to train intentionally and intuitively in the gym, as well as taking those concept and practices beyond our doors and applying them to their every day lives. 


Social support adds to the fun, motivation and accountability that brings individuals back and cultivates our Fusion Fit Community. 


Workouts and exercises are scalable, adaptable, and modified as necessary to ALL fitness levels and abilities, individual goals, and ages from 20 to 70+ years old!

"The Quality Value of Personal Training in a Small Group Setting"
Reach your goals with Intentional and Intuitive Strength, Weight and Metabolic Training for Sustainable Results


Small Group Personal Training Sessions focus on strength, weight and resistance training with just enough metabolic conditioning, functional and core training, and total body movement .

Our focus during sessions is NOT necessarily on calories burned, how much you Sweat, whether you are Breathless, or performing exercises as fast as possible (though these are secondary side effects).  What we are going for is controlled, quality exercise and movement, feeling the burn in the targeted muscles and body parts being trained, and lifting relatively heavy (for YOU personally).  These factors alone will get you better results than performing other types of workouts like bootcamps, group fitness classes, or cardio and aerobic sessions. 

What's so great about strength training in a small group is our ability to adjust the intensity, resistance, and volume of exercises and workouts on an individual basis.  The general scheme of weight and strength training is the same from person to person, but fine tuning and pushing each individual personally allows everyone to get the most ouf of their workout and the program as a whole.


To Reach Your Goals and Live Your Best Life you Need a Program that Prioritizes Quality, Effective Exercise Training and a Healthy Balanced Optimally Functioning Metabolism

At Fusion Fit, you get workouts designed with this in mind!

All Small Group Personal Training Sessions....
💪🏼 45 minutes in duration
💪🏼 Broken into specific body part splits plus one to two total body sessions weekly
💪🏼 Teaching, coaching and correction on proper safe and effective exercise form, technique and execution 
💪🏼 Supplementary coaching with guidelines and recommendations on nutrition, movement and active living, sleep, rest and recovery, mindset, stress management, lifestyle practices, and overall well-being

Join the Fusion Fit Community! Be Empowered! Get Results! Have Fun!

Why Strength & Weight Training is So Important?
The Essential Piece

Function Better

Boost Performance

Build Muscle

Prevent Injury

Burn Fat

Transform Your Body

Maintain Fitness

Manage Weight

What's Your Goal?

Overall fitness and wellness

Body change

Fat loss or Muscle building

Metabolic and hormonal health

Increase strength

Boost performance

Correct movement and weaknesses

Alleviate pain

Injury prevention

Something else....?

july 12 group training session 9 people.jpeg


Our Fusion Fit Community is full of like-minded individuals who value active living, self-care, a balanced and sustainable lifestyle, lifelong pursuit of wellness and fitness, and having fun.  Each member may have their own unique personal goal, but we are all able to connect and support each other accordingly.

Come Train With Us!

We are a community of like-minded individuals here to:

🎯 connect and share common interests Both in and out of the gym

🎯 stay fit and well

🎯 reach personal goals

🎯 practice a balanced healthy sustainable lifestyle

🎯 value fitness and exercise

🎯 enjoy being physically being active

🎯 accountability motivation and social support

🎯 live their best live

🎯 be their best version of themselves

Join Our Community Today!

Pricing & Packages

Small Group Personal Training

A Single Session Value is $25.  Please contact us for monthly options, packages and pricing.

Monthly Memberships

options for 2, 3, 4 and 5 sessions/week

(please contact us for details and pricing so we may provide the best option based on your personal goals and needs)

Small Group Personal Training Session Packages

(please contact us for details and pricing so we may provide the best option based on your personal goals and needs)


**prices subject to change. begin any day of the week/month. memberships are auto-billed monthly on the same date each month. a credit or debit card is required to book and hold a membership. members may pay via check or cash prior to monthly membership auto-bill date. sessions are 45 minutes duration.

The scheduling system we use is called "SCHEDULICITY".  You may find and access it via computer/web browser or the iPhone/Android app store.  View sessions and classes in the "Class" section.