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Play with Us!
Fusion Fit's January Fitness Bingo
Have Fun on Your Fitness & Wellness Journey in January


Research shows the more enjoyment and engagement you have on your journey to reaching your goals the more likely you’ll be successful.


You’re invited to play Fusion Fit’s January Bingo with us!


Here’s how to play:​​

  • When: tarts January 1st through February 15th

  • Who: anyone who’s a member or joins Fusion Fit Group Training during the above dates

  • How it works:

    • Pick up a bingo sheet when you come into your first group training workout in the new year.

    • Complete as many boxes - checking them off as you go - during the above dates.

    • Turn in your sheet once you complete everything or by February 15th.

  • Win Prizes: Participants have a chance to win a Stretch Zone gift card, Massage, and other great prizes!