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Nutrition & Lifestyle Transformation Coaching

"The Fusion Fit Lifestyle"
The Fusion Fit Food Freedom & Fat Loss Lifestyle - the Excuse-Free “Anywhere Approach” to reaching your goals and living your best life

Gain a healthy balanced positive relationship with your body and food.

Feel empowered and trusting eating in any situation or environment.


Learn, understand, listen and trust your body metabolism and hormones for better, more effective, easier, enjoyable, sustainable results.


Do what works for you, your unique goals, needs and personal preferences.


No need to count calories or track macros, obsess, fear eating situations, feel deprived or restricted, go on or off or extremes of eating.

We believe that living your best life, achieving your goals and finding balance is sustainable and can be done anywhere.

Fusion Fit Coaching Nutrition and Lifestyle Transformation Coaching encompasses:
  • Moderation 365

  • Food Freedom

  • Fat Loss Lifestyle

  • No Excuses, Anywhere Approach

  • Metabolism

  • Hormonal- Metabolic Balance

The Fusion Fit Coaching Community is for people seeking to transform, optimize and live their best life, and reach goals.  There is both an individual/1-on-1 and group/social component to Fusion Fit Coaching.  Coaching is primarily done online, virtually, with regular check-ins, coaching calls, and group support.

Food Freedom

~ Fusion Fit's Food Freedom & Fat Loss Lifestyle Coaching Program ~

Food freedom >> the non-diet approach to eating for your goals, fat loss, weight management, and metabolic hormonal balance and sustainability.

A forever way of eating and living.  A system that teaches you how to eat for your goals, needs, and preferences by doing what works for you. Eat naturally, easily and enjoyably.  Love the way you eat AND reach your goals.  Achieve satisfaction and break-free from food rules, tracking, extremes & obsession for good. Successfully lose fat, build muscle, boost performance, etc naturally.

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