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Why we don’t just rent our boards out

Having a coach or instructor along to direct you where to paddle for the best experience, what to watch out for, ensure you enjoy your time, and remain safe is priceless.

The May River has 6-8 foot changing tides twice daily.  We also factor in wind conditions, boating and water craft, and oysters. 


You’re simply going to have a better chance of success and satisfaction in a group or with a coach.

Plus, the community on the water is fantastic!

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The Lowcountry tides in the May River shift throughout the day with two low tide times and two high tide times typically each day on average every 6-7 hours with a change in depth between 6-8 feet between low tide and high tide.  The tide change make for significant differences in the landscape of the river and marshes.  This tide pattern means changing tide currents that change every 6 hours, therefore our route and destination on the water for Paddle Fused Fitness.  Most classes, we will paddle out against the tides to begin, then with the tides on our return.  When the tides are low and coming in, we will paddle from the Bluffton Oyster Factory Dock straight out toward the mini-sandbar across the May River for Paddle Fused Fitness.  When tides are high and on their way out we will paddle out right from the Bluffton Oyster Factory Dock down the May River to where we will hold Paddle Fused Fitness.  At high tide there is more water volume and more areas to paddle, while low tides mean less volume but access to the sandbar.  Winds could change these plans (see below), but this is the general guideline.  

A note about Oyster Beds: Oyster beds are abundant in various areas in the May River.  At low tide the water levels are often low enough that you can see oyster beds below you if you paddle over them.  However we will NOT be paddling over any oyster beds and will be avoiding areas where they are found.  You do NOT want to fall atop an oyster bed as they are sharp edges may create lacerations and injury.  We will be directing you accordingly,


Stand up paddleboarding can become easier or more challenging depending on the winds and tides you paddle in.  In calm waters with little wind, it is relatively easy and calming to paddle and reach our destination on the water where we will do the class.  But stronger winds mean more paddling and work.  We cannot predict the winds or weather when scheduling your paddle session.  Unless there are significantly poor wind and weather conditions we will plan our Paddle Fused Fitness class as scheduled.  

Age Restrictions:

Generally, age 12/13 is the age cut-off for youth to standup paddle by themselves, but this varies per individual.  If we were simply paddling for a tour, it would be fine having an underage child share a board with an adult, however given the nature of Paddle Fused Fitness, you each will need your own board.  

If you have a child or teenager interested in doing Paddle Fused Fitness too please contact us to determine whether this is possible.  You may also schedule a private group class with just your family or friends.

From start to finish, what should I expect out of a Paddle Fused Fitness class?

The entire Paddle Fused Fitness class lasts on average 1.5 hours.  This includes land tutorial that lasts 10-20 minutes and getting everyone set up with their boards and paddles.  We will then help each participant onto the board and paddle out to our destination on the May River.  Tides, winds, and individual ability will determine how long it takes everyone to reach this point.  Once we paddle out, we will spend most of the rest of the time doing various exercises, movements, and circuits of exercises on the boards.  Exercises will be paired with paddling depending on how we drift and what we are doing.  We will finish up the workout with some fun challenges on the board before paddling back to the dock.


There are better times we recommend to paddle.  Early mornings and later in the evenings, especially on weekends and holidays, are ideal due to boat traffic as well as the sun and heat.  Classes later in morning or afternoon during the summer months will be the hottest, most humid and sunny.  Start times will vary based on these factors, as well as the time of sunrise/sunset and tides.

Alternative or Additional Times:

Do the scheduled dates for Paddle Fused Fitness not work for you?  Would another day during the week work for you?  If so, contact us to schedule a class at a time that works for your group.

If you would like to schedule a different time for your Paddle Fused Fitness class, please contact us ahead of time.  We ask for a minimum 72 hours (or 3 days) notice in advance of when you would like to schedule a class so we can ensure the schedule and equipment is available.

Private (1-1) and Semi-private (2-1) Paddle Fused Fitness classes are available at an adjusted rate as group classes.

Refunds and Cancellations:

Rarely do we have to cancel due to weather conditions, but in the event of poor weather and the need to cancel, we will provide you with an alternative date for your Paddle Fused Fitness class at no additional charge.

In the case that you will need to cancel pior to your scheduled session we ask that you provide us with a minimum 48 hour notice.  With limited Paddle Fused Fitness times weekly and limited number of people per class, we aim to fill each our classes to capacity.  When there is a last minute cancellation, we are unable to fill your spot.  If you do choose to cancel, there may be a fee or partial refund given depending on how far in advance the cancellation was made.  We appreciate your understanding.

There are NO refunds given same day cancellations.

What to bring:

Please bring a WATER BOTTLE.  If you have not yet made your Venmo payment prior to class and are paying cash or check please bring this with you to pay at the beginning of class.  Wear comfortable clothing that you are ok with getting wet/swimming in (though not required to jump in, there's always a chance you may fall in the water given the nature of Paddle Fused Fitness).  Flip flops or water shoes are recommended when we are on land prior to getting on the water, but not required or recommended while actually on the boards.

Also bring/wear sunblock and bug spray (sometimes knats are around prior to heading out while on land)

How hard is it to stand up?

We have a mix of beginners and experienced paddlers that join us for Paddle Fused Fitness.  Most all beginner paddlers, are able to stand up and perform the various exercises for all or most of the class.  

Do I have to stand up?

You do NOT have to stand up if you do not feel comfortable and we do not require you to do so.  You may also paddle sitting, kneeling or in any other position you are comfortable.  We do recommend you at least try to do so sometime during your session unless you have a limitation.

Do I need prior fitness or SUP experience to do a Paddle Fused Fitness class?

NO.  You are not required to have fitness or SUP experience prior to class.  You will learn how to paddleboard and perform the exercises during a class.

What if I have limitations such as standing, kneeling?

We have had participants of all fitness levels and abilities partake in Paddle Fused Fitness.  If you are unsure of whether you can make it through a class please contact us prior to signing up.  There are some situations that may necessitate you schedule a private session or private group class.

Paddleboarding versus Kayak or Canoe:

Standup paddleboarding provides a lot more freedom than does kayaking or canoeing.  You can sit, stand or knee on a paddleboard, whereas you are limited to sitting only in a kayak or canoe.

What kind of exercises will we be doing?

Paddle Fused Fitness and standup paddleboarding targets your entire body with an emphasis on your core (abs), glutes, back, and legs.  You will get a total body workout, be training your balance and stability, and be doing both strength and cardio in one session.  Exercises vary from standing (squats, good mornings, RDLs/deadlifts, chops), to plank position (holds, mountain climbers, balances, rows, pushups and plank variations), lying (ab and core work like sit ups, bridges, and twists), prone or face down (pushups, supermans), and kneeling (hinges, modified squats).  All exercises are able to be modified or progressed based on individual ability.  We practice Rest-based Training principles, meaning 'work until you can't, and rest until you can' so you may take breaks at any time if necessary.

Should we tip?

If you enjoyed your Paddle Fused Fitness class, we would greatly appreciate if you do tip.  Majority of our clients tip.  We're confident that you will LOVE your Paddle Fused Fitness experience!

Will I see any Wildlife?

Dolphins, fish and birds are most commonly seen during any given Paddle Fused Fitness.  Occasionally we may see a turtle.  Alligators and sharks are uncommon and rarely seen in the areas where we will be paddling due to location, salt, and other dolphins and wildlife. 

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