10 Day of Body & Mind Recovery Series, Day 6: Stretching

Following up yesterday’s topic of Myofascial release is stretching. Myofascial release primes the body and initiates mobility and activation. Stretching then takes things a step further to aid in flexibility and range of motion. Being inflexible, tight and having limited range of motion (ROM) sets one up for injury, aches and pains.

The nature of our jobs and lifestyles puts our bodies into positions that shorten muscles and promote tightness and stiffness, neither of which are desired.

Training though healthy needs to be countered with ample stretching.

Stretching and activities like yoga that encourage range of motion serve to help the body return to normal both physically (increased rom) and mentally (relieving stress and tension, lowering cortisol, getting back in too with breathe abs mindfulness).

Incorporate stretching into your regular, daily routine. Choose dynamic (working actively through your rom) prior to workouts, and static (holding stretches) post workout and other times of the day. Zone in on personally tight areas, as well as the rest of the body.

The saying ‘if you don’t use it you lose it’ goes for flexibility and range of motion as well. To remain flexible you must practice stretching regularly.

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