Considering a Detox, Cleanse or Diet?

The human body has the ability to cleanse and detox itself. So any program where you drastically cut whole food groups and foods out will equal calorie deficits and feeling different.

But what about afterwards? What about long term?

If you haven’t established a healthy relationship with food and you finish a detox, those same beliefs, narratives, and expectations around food will STILL be there.

If you don’t know how to listen to your body, you’ll still get stuck on what and how much to eat.

If you don’t know how the metabolism works you’ll still get frustrated trying to cut calories and exercise them off.

So NO, I don’t recommend going on detoxes, cleanses, or quick fix diets. Not in the new year not ever. They are short term. They take you from one extreme - overindulgence, to restriction (cutting anything out in it’s entirety is restrictive, and the only true exception is a real food allergy or intolerance).

So what’s the better alternative?

* Mindfulness - get in tune with your body and it’s biofeedback cues, eat mindfully using your senses too

* Eat whole real food - whole real food is made of protein, fiber, water and nutrients. Your body best processes and manages these.

* Include satisfaction and enjoyment regularly - if you’re not enjoying your fav foods, how do you expect to do it long term. Add BLTS of things that add taste and flavor to balance out the rest of your meals.

This year make it a priority to get in touch with your body and it’s needs. Honor it and understand it.

I’m here to help you on this path and my Food Freedom Accelerator nutrition & Coaching program is how. This 12 week course will teach you the foundations of moderation, metabolism and mindfulness, improve your relationship with food and your body, and empower you to feel confident eating anywhere free of food rules while being able to reach your goals.

Program starts January 15th. Enroll today!

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