Day 10: Supplementation - 10 Days of Body & Mind Recovery Series

I’ve saved today’s topic for last because supplements and added products are the final thing to address in your health and wellness, once you’ve made adjustments in your diet, activity, and lifestyle.

Added products and supplements can only go so far if the rest of your life isn’t balanced and optimized.

But admittedly there are some very good products that do in fact help you get a better nights sleep. Certain nutrients may in fact be lacking in your diet and body.

Common magnesium, serotonin, and melatonin.

Calm Magnesium - magnesium is one of the most lacking minerals and therefore most needed to supplement. It is known to influence exercise performance, recovery, mood and depression, inflammation, water retention, insulin resistance and more.

Tart Cherry Juice - reduces muscle soreness and increases strength, boosts serotonin, supports better sleep, immune system health benefits, and may reduce symptoms of arthritis.

Onnit New Mood - if you want to sleep and recover better try Onnit’s New Mood. It supports calmness, lowered stress, and a good nights rest.

Either way, use supplementation as a last resort. Zone in on lifestyle, mindset, activity and nutrition first and foremost.

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