Exercise & Wellness Guidelines for Optimal Results (Fusion Fit)

Truth: Your workout is one a small percentage of your day.

Yes it IS important, but if you’re not taking care of your body and mind outside of those hours in the gym you’re going to get frustrated and wonder why you’re not getting the results you want.

Then again, you could be overdoing it in the wrong areas and because of that plateaued or stuck.

So stop wasting your time stressing, confused and wondering if what you’re doing is what’s right and use these super simple guidelines!

Whether your goal is fat loss, body change, total transformation, maintaining fitness, improving performance, staying pain and injury free, this is a great guide to get you on the right path!

Guidelines for Optimal Results:

- 3-4 FFGT workouts/week - 30-60 minutes leisure walking or other light physical activity daily

- Stretching and SMR daily at the very least 5 minutes

- Sleep 7-9 hours per night - Creating a diet/way of eating that works for you and is consistent, high quality, enjoyable, satisfying and satiating.

Supplementary, dose dependent on the individual:

- Regular active living and enjoyable activity

- Recovery and stress management methods such as massage and yoga

- Moderate to high intensity structured cardio

(Note that cardio is the LAST component to factor in and will depend on your results. You may find that when the rest of things above are consistent and optimized you may not need so much of extra cardio, if any, at all!)

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