Fat loss that last takes understanding this

Fat loss that last takes understanding your metabolism.

When you understand this, you can then begin applying what you know to your lifestyle and food choices.

So, what about metabolism matters for fat loss?

  • The metabolism is flexible. Think of a thermostat and you'll see just how adaptive, reactive and efficient your metabolism really is. That's why you want it to be flexible, not fast one. A fast metabolism will leave you chronically hungry because it's going through fuel fast, a slow one will leave you burning fuel at a snail's pace. Vary your training and eating.

  • The metabolism will compensate. When we eat little and exercise like crazy, you will find yourself with hunger, cravings, unstable energy, and reduced energy output.

  • No two people have the same metabolism. Find what works for you with trial and error and intuition.

  • Training and diet are important but we have to do it right.

  • We must look beyond just diet and training and address our lifestyle, environment, movement and mindset

  • It’s not that we just have no willpower. Our brains and bodies get tired, so we need to learn to balance and manage our energy.

  • Fat loss is a process. You don’t just burn calories and automatically burn fat. There are four steps to burning fat: fat release, fat travel, fat entry, and fat burning. You don’t just directly excrete all the calories you do burn. Releasing fat does not automatically mean you will burn that fat. The shedding of fat is factored by hormones and metabolism. Stress slows fat loss - this includes dieting and extremes, insulin disregulation impairs fat loss. Plus, there’s the actual process of fat loss itself.

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