Get Leaner, Fitter and Stronger When You Do This

Want to get leaner, fitter, stronger?

Do yourself a favor and give yourself a rest.

You get better when you rest, not when you’re working.

When you train you breakdown your body. It’s in the rest where you improve. Performance, body composition, strength, weight loss.... Yes, that all happens during your rest, not work.

If you’re constantly damaging but not leaving enough time in between to rest you’re going to hit plateaus, overtraining, burnout.

What do I mean by rest?

Definitely getting a good nights rest. But I am referring to active recovery days. These include light, leisure movement and physical activity.

  • walking

  • A bike cruise

  • Yoga

  • Tai chi/qui gong

  • Stretching

  • SMR and self massage techniques

  • Mobility work

  • Maybe some core

  • Maybe light weights

  • Maybe a short AMRAP ie core/abdominal circuit

This is super important to understand and apply this concept.

Instead of training 5-7 days a week, get in a good lifting session 3-4 days a week. Then go live your life, be active, do things you enjoy, take up a hobby, relax, chill, have fun, etc.

Now go live your life! And make sure you get in on my free beta workouts for #transformin8!

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