Give Yourself Permission to Eat What You Want

Restriction and restraint carried feelings of deprivation and missing out. We can white-knuckle our way around delicious foods for a while, but eventually you’ll end up swinging over to the other end. That’s where you’ll overindulge, end up full or stuffed, guilty, frustrated that you don’t have willpower, and either throwing your hands up or recommitting to remove and avoid certain foods all over again.

Neither end of this rollercoaster is enjoyable, because extremes aren’t. But, when you get yourself permission and ALLOW yourself to eat what you enjoy and have an appetite for, which is often something that’ll also satisfy you, you even out the ups and downs. You realize, “hey, this food is never going to be forever gone, nor do I have to eat it all right now because I CAN eat it whenever the eff I want.”

It’s a freeing feeling really.

Give yourself permission.

Also known as Permission-based eating:

  • Removes the allure or pull of food

  • Takes foods off pedestal

  • Dissipates the urge to have it all now

  • Relieves feelings of guilt and shame

Fears of permission based eating:

  • I won’t be able to stop

  • I’ll pick only unhealthy foods

  • I’ll lose control

  • I can’t trust myself

  • I’ll eat it all

Reality of permission based eating:

  • Trust not control is established

  • Frees your mind of thinking about what doesn’t matter

  • You can actually pay attention to how you feel and your biofeedback

  • More enjoyable and less stressful

  • Supports and encourages mindfulness and mindful eating

  • Greater satisfaction

Allow yourself what you enjoy, what satisfies you.

And take the chance to trust in yourself.

This is a practice. The outcome comes in time with ongoing effort. So, don’t be hard on yourself if at first you still eat the same amount of finish it all. Stay conscious and present. Let the cards fall.

How do you build trust and allow yourself permission based eating?

  • Stay engaged, mindfulness and mindful eating around food and biofeedback.

  • Check ins and asking questions, how does this food leave me feeling? How do I want to feel?

  • Preemptive eating and cheats and Intentional indulgences, conscious and purposeful incorporating of your favorite foods as BLTS, garnishes regularly.

  • Patience and practice, you may eat it all but the bigger question is HOW are you eating it? Are you staying mindful and present? What are you noticing? Awareness empowers. Checking out and going on autopilot keeps us stuck.

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