Hidden Lessons Learned

What you learn from getting sick (burned out, worn down, disease, injury)

It’s never fun getting sick or injured or experiencing burnout. I would never wish it upon anyone. Yet, good times and good health doesn’t come without some struggles too and yes sometimes that includes coming down with a virus, illness or disease. In fact, it can happen even if we feel we’re doing everything right.

I recently got over a bout of a flu bug and it definitely hit me like a train! I didn’t see it coming ...at first. But at the same time, I have we’d to be honest and say that looking back now, that leading up to it I was pushing myself, my sleep was inconsistent for various reasons, and I had been putting a lot of emotional and mental pressure on myself and that strain could have very well influenced my getting sick.

What could I do while I was sick? Well, absolutely Nothing. It sucked! I don’t like doing nothing, not without my own choosing, but my body said otherwise.

Sometimes our bodies call out to us and we ignore them. They keep calling... fatigue, anxiety, mood changes, lack of focus, poor performance, aches, stiffness and soreness, forgetfulness, weight gain, lack of results and plateaus, new allergies and sensitivities, digestive troubles are just a handful of them.

We try to push through it, which IS good in bits. In fact, some good stress - eustress - is healthy. But, when it becomes chronic and you don’t take downtime that’s when things turn ugly.

Here’s so huge things I was reminded up recently upon getting sick and bing knocked down. Apply them to your daily life, NOT only when you come down with something. 🙂🙂

Slow down

You can’t do it all, and you don’t need to

Instant or quick wears us down

Stress management is key, develop it outside of stressful and busy times, implement it all the time

Sleep is significant, we undervalue it, rest and down time is essential

Practice rest based living

Be kind and compassionate with yourself, have patience and love yourself

Find balance

Be mindful and present

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