How You Do Things is Just as Important as What You Do

Do you want to change something in your life or reach a goal you have?

Do you feel you know what to eat but can’t seem to do what you know you should?

Do you know you need to exercise and what to do, but you skip doing so, or complete your workout as quickly as you can to get it over with?

Mindfulness and living in a conscious and intuitive way will help you with all of these situations.

Sure you need to be educated on the basics, but once you know what to do, the part where more people fall off track with is implementing and actually DOING it. That’s where mindfulness and awareness comes in.

In your eating, mindfulness bring awareness into what we eat, why we eat, and what patterns or behaviors we practice.

In the gym, mindfulness and intentional training makes doing your workouts and exercises more effective and prevents injury or pain in the wrong areas.

In other areas of our life, being mindful and present helps us make the most of the moments, avoid reactions, and move away from automation and multi-tasking.

The American life is often rushed, pressured, potentially stressful, revolves around multi-tasking, and running around from one thing to the next with little breaks and pauses. Though it may seem important to get everything done as quickly as possible, this is actually hurting us more than serving us.

The thing with diets, is they teach us WHAT to eat, but they don’t address the why and how of eating. They fail to bring mindfulness and awareness into focus.

Stay tuned for more on mindfulness and how mindful and intuitive eating is going to help you, and details about Fusion Fit Coaching’s end-of-the-year challenge starting November 3rd that will be focused on helping you lose weight or reach your goals in these areas.

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