Managing Cravings 2.0 (abstinence to exposure)

Cravings can be rooted in various things.

Some are emotional, habits, conditioning. Sometimes they’re due to not eating enough or our beliefs around food and eating.

Often times level 1.0 thinking around cravings is “cut it out” - practicing abstinence from it.

But the problem with this approach arises when eventually you’re faced with this food. How do you handle exposure to it?

Because eventually you WILL encounter this food..

If you haven’t been practiced in strategies around mindfulness and moderation around cravings you will run into issues. Extremes of deprive them binge, restrict then overindulge.

That’s where strategies covered in my Food Freedom Accelerator program and #Moderation365 practices come in.

Practices I’ve been talking and teaching my current clients about like “surfing the disappointment”, exposure therapy like intermittent sampling, preemptive eating, etc come in.

If you want to feel empowered and comfortable around ANY food and be able to trust yourself around your cravings then enroll in the Food Freedom Accelerator. Build a foundation around eating, have a healthy relationship with food and your body.

A detox, diet, or cleanse will never do this. They’ll leave you with a short term fix to a bigger struggle in the long run.

Enroll in the Food Freedom Accelerator today. Starts January 15th.

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