Not getting results? Check this first.

Not getting results, feeling blah, stuck, drained or unmotivated and unfocused.

Plateaued, gaining weight, increased hunger and cravings, or moodiness and anxiety.

When someone comes to me stating any combination of these , there are a number of things that could be the cause of concern.

I can separate them into five major categories: exercise/training, movement, nutrition, lifestyle, and mindset with some subcategories - sleep, stress, metabolism/hormones.

What I want to bring attention to today, and I actually believe is probably the most impactful of these influencing factors is something too many of us skimp on.

We forget about it, neglect prioritizing it, instead blaming our training (‘I’m not doing enough or the right exercise’ ‘I’m not burning enough calories’ etc),

...nutrition (‘I’m eating right but nothing’s working/I feel terrible’ or ‘I just need to eat better‘),

....mindset and willpower (‘I just need to be more disciplined’ or ‘I can’t do that, it’s never worked for me before’)...

Any of these statements resonate with you? Here’s what you need to do instead ...,

*****Check your SLEEP*****

  • Are you getting 7-8 hours most days consistently?

  • Are you getting restful, quality sleep?

  • Are you sleeping through the night?

  • Are you waking up in the middle of the night or having trouble falling asleep?

  • Are you waking in the morning feeling well rested?

  • Are you able to get through your day without having significant energy ups and downs, mood swings, or hunger and cravings?

  • Do you have a sleep routine you practice?

  • Do you go to bed and wake up around the same time regularly most days?

  • Do you rely on stimulants (coffee, caffeine, supplements etc) to wake and stay up or relaxers (sleep aids, alcohol, prescription drugs, supplements, etc) to help you calm down and dose off?

  • Is the atmosphere and environment you sleep in conductive you a good nights sleep? Are you comfortable? Is it dim and dark? Temps? Noise?

Sleep is hugely impactful on our entire life and we fail to recognize or understand that.

The magic happens when we sleep.

  • We recover.

  • Muscle tissue repairs.

  • Brain function is boosted.

  • Memory and retention increases.

  • Cellular function allows for protection against disease, illness, injury, and aging.

  • Immune system is boosted.

  • Focus, happiness, fulfillment goes up.

  • Hormones reset, and the metabolism recharges itself. Allowing us to

  • Energy is balanced and willpower feels much easier and enjoyable.

  • Life feels easier and simpler

Sleep is one of the most important if not THE most important factors in our wellbeing, mental health, reaching our goals, maintaining a healthy weight, and fending off disease, illness, injury and aging.

For support and tools on how your sleep and it's impacts on your lifestyle, reach out


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