Offset Weight Gain with Age

Gaining weight as you get older? Here’s what to do to stop and prevent it...

1) Adjust energy intake to match your output as you go through various life cycles:

* There are ways to offset this decrease in age-related metabolic rate - noted on previous slide - and it is the goal/priority to do this to maintain.

* Regardless, as we get older, it’s not uncommon to become less active overall and movement/NEAT is one of the second most significant sources of energy use and calorie burn.

* So, you have two choices, and ideally you want to factor in both: A) remain physically active and moving outside of the gym and structured exercise sessions and B ) adjust your calorie intake to match energy use by downregulating how much you eat relative to activity/calories burned. Not surprisingly, adopting a foundation of mindfulness and moderation around your eating allows you to naturally self-regulate/auto-regulate because you’ll be note in tune with your body’s biofeedback cues rather than following external cues (diets, meal plans, food rules, food availability, social norms etc).

2) Maintain and build as much muscle as possible in order to maintain metabolic rate:

* Weight train (the #1 means) * Accompany with ample protein intake and * Enough calories

3) Don’t diet:

* Dieting only strips the body of muscle and slows metabolic rate. Hormone function, namely the thyroid, drops and metabolic compensation occurs yielding you burning up to 25% LESS calories than someone who’s never dieted. Instead of burning a healthy 1800 calories per day, you’ll only need 1300 calories JUST to maintain the same weight!

* NOTE: Dieting in other words is eating less and exercising more, or a significant difference/imbalance between energy intake (food) and energy output (calories burned). Dieting throws biofeedback off making body change results unsustainable because you’re left fighting and resisting hunger and cravings amongst other feelings.

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