Outcome are Inevitable As Long As There's Consistency

Consistency is work, time and patience put in repeatedly over and over.

Consistency is the route to success.

It takes being consistent when you’re not practiced in it.

Consistency is about following through even when you’re NOT motivated, excited, or feeling ideal.

It’s the commitment to yourself to show up and stay engaged.

It’s not something you do for a short period of time, on and off, all or nothing.

But the rewards of consistency are tenfold to those of on and off or all or nothing approaches to life. Consistency is necessary for success in any area of your life - business, career, relationships, weight loss, body change, behavior change, the list goes on...

Consistency IS unpopular though.

There’s a belief that we must be perfect to be consistent. Which in turn elicits pressure and extremes. (Note: extremes don’t work)

You don’t see instantaneous results or outcomes with consistency. You’re going into something with uncertainty and without guarantee of some set outcome. However, in the long run it WILL get you Results.

We want instant gratification. If we don’t see quick results, we think what we’re doing isn’t worth it. But IT IS!

The outcome is inevitable when there’s consistency.

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