Taking care of your Immune System

Protect yourself from viruses, illness, disease by taking care of your immune system.

Overtraining and overworking, like stress, can wreck your immunity.

  • What else can lower your immune system?

  • A poor quality diet

  • Overeating

  • Not enough down time

  • Not enough vitamin D

  • Alcohol and toxins

  • Dieting or under eating

  • Worry, anxiety, overthinking...mindset

Immune defenses:

  • Just enough but not too much exercise

  • Weight training over long steady state cardio

  • Sunshine, nature and vitamin D

  • Downtime and R&R

  • Balanced eating

  • High quality nutrient rich foods (#Moderation365, check out the Food Freedom Accelerator program)

  • Rest based living

  • Short intense workouts such as metabolic conditioning, rest-based training (Fusion Fit’s

  • Group Training is a great option)

  • Stress management

  • Enjoyable hobbies and activities

  • Stretching, foam rolling, yoga, mobility practice

  • Movement

  • Boundaries around work balance and with relationships with others

  • Quality and quantity (7-8 hrs) sleep

What do you do to keep your immune system strong and resilient?

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