Top 8 Reasons to continue working out through the holidays even if life is hectic

Just in case you were thinking of taking a hiatus from the gym and working out this season..

Or you’re holding off in starting a fitness routine until after the New Year...

Here’s 8 reasons to continue working out through the holiday season and any time of the year!

Give up perfection, hit the gym the best you can. Here’s why:

🎁Mental stress relief - when you’re focused on training, you’re not thinking so much about the other stuff

🎁Social support community

🎁Accountability from your coaches and other members

🎁Physically blow off stress and tension

🎁Offset calories consumed - I wouldn’t necessarily say exercise allows you to eat more but it does have somewhat of benefit in keeping you from overdoing the calories

🎁Keep your metabolism healthy by helping to build muscle - you’ll use those extra carbs, starches, treats and sweets, and less nutrient dense foods for fuel that will

🎁Support lean muscle mass - and therefore metabolism

🎁Personal time outside of home, relatives, and work

🎁You simply deserve the break - we ALL do!

Just 45 minutes of a workout a few days a week is all you need to commit to get your fix too!

Maybe even less!

Fusion Fit for Group Training and a Cynergy 24-hr Gym Access Membership is where it’s at this season!

Get started!

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