Why a long term commitment beats out short term challenges and transformation programs

What we do and the results we get are built on and highly influenced by our habits and behaviors.

The problem keeping us from change and succeeding in our goals is that our habits that have gotten us where we are and that we want to quit are what we’ve been doing for such a long time now. They’re engrained in us. They’re part of what we do whether knowingly or not. Along with our behavioral habits are our mindsets and those beliefs, stories, bias’, and perspectives we’ve adopted.

Preexisting and long held habits and mindsets can be our best friend or worst enemy. They can keep us from success and sustainability. That’s because we are used to them, they’re comfortable, and when things happen in our lives – i.e. life gets hard, schedules change, we’re stressed or tired, we don’t see results we want or not fast enough, etc - we tend to revert back to our old ways because they’re easy, they take little thought, and they’re comforting.

To succeed and sustain results, it takes a new different perspective, mindset, set of behaviors and accompanying habits. Developing these skills and upgraded ways takes awareness, work, consistency, a plan, focus, commitment and discipline.

If it’s taken you this long to get where you are now, it’s going to take you time and patience on your journey to success and reaching your goals. That’s why it’s realistic to plan to take your goals and commit to them for longer period of time than just a few short months. If you’re truly wanting to succeed you’re going to be committing to stick out a program and coach for the long term. I’m talking months to years.

Going in for the long haul will support you in the following ways:

· Become more intentional versus doing things out of habit

· Bring awareness

· Practice loving kindness, and be kind to yourself instead of beating yourself up

· Take a third person POV

· Observe slip ups as ways to learn, grow, and create solutions and new paths and opportunities

· Simplify and keep you from being overwhelmed

· Face your fears and grow from them

· Develop and cultivate a true lifestyle

· Reframe your perspective and mindset

· Find a way that works for YOU, be done with comparing

· Choose consistent over perfection

Fusion Fit Group Training promotes and supports a long term commitment and lifestyle in the gym and out. That's why we stress self-commitments of lengths 9 months or more.

These approaches are just what you’ll be getting when you join Fusion Coaching Online starting in January 2020 too. The Fusion Coaching Membership Platform will give you the understanding, tools, accountability, and empowerment to succeed in your goals, sustain results, cultivate a lifestyle, and embrace your own journey along the way.

Plan for a long term commitment to YOURSELF. It’s not about committing to Me, your coach. It’s about committing to YOU, which is why I ask my clients to commit to a long term of at least 9 months, which turns into 1-2+ years.

I’ll be sharing later this week another blog and exactly what the benefits to having a coach are and why YOU should be hiring one for your health, wellness, life, and goals going forward into 2020 and beyond.

Interested in the Fusion Coaching Platform? Presale is going on now and includes a promotional offer when you sign up prior December 31st. You’ll get additional values added to your membership including protocols, two additional schools, and and extra coaching sessions with me all of which will be added costs but are no cost to you when you join during our presale!

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