Why You Need Strength & Resistance Training - Especially Females Wanting to Lose Weight or Tone Up

Weight train on a regular basis, especially if you’re a female.

Are you skipping this key component that’s going to get you the results you want on your fitness journey?

If walking and nutrition are coming to your mind, you’re on the right track as these are very important parts of your lifestyle.

But what you’re missing out on is LIFTING. I’m talking about weight and resistance training…strength training. You need this in your life, and not just for men, but LADIES I’m referring to you too!

In fact, females can benefit from Lifting weights in so many ways that I can even direct this blog solely to you!

Truth: Working out is far FAR LESS about burning calories. Yes, even if you are in it to shed fat and lose weight. The benefits of weight and strength training I’m about to go into below will show you why I say this. When you weight and strength train you’re not just sweating, breathing hard, and getting fatigued.

You are working your muscles, and it’s that muscle burn and stimulation within that is where the magic happens and your results come from.

Here goes….why strength and weight training needs to be a regular part of your workout routine and lifestyle:….

1) Improve body composition - Lifting weights increases lean muscle mass and supports fat loss. Without muscle you will look skinny. If you want to be toned, lean and appear tighter then you want to build muscle and shed fat. It’s a common misconception that you need to do cardio and burn calories so to tone and tighten and lose weight, but doing cardio is not going to build the necessary muscle to actually tone and tighten. But weight training and progressively challenging yourself will do the trick.

2) Increase calorie burn – When you increase your muscle mass you also boost metabolism, and both muscle and metabolism increases the number of calories you burn both in and out of the gym.

3) Strengthen bones – Weight training is better than drinking milk and consuming calcium rich foods when it comes to bone health and preventing osteoporosis. Applying stress to the body via weight training exercise keep surrounding muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments healthy and strong will protect you against loss of bone strength and integrity.

4) Reduce injuries and pain – Strength and muscle mass boosts resilience and longevity. Posture, range of motion, function, balanced and core strength all improve with lifting weights and this is going to keep you out of injury and pain. Sure, there’s a risk of injury going about your day outside of the gym, but the fitter and stronger you are the better you will get through it and bounce back.

5) Improves cardio fitness and aerobic focused sports – Weight and strength training targets muscles and strength, while also taxing the cardio system. There’s loads of ways to vary your training to get the heart rate up and you breathing harder with weights and resistance. You won’t get these same benefits back in return when you just focus on cardio exercise.

6) Balanced hormones and a healthy flexible metabolism – Lifting weights has a positive hormonal affect. Enough of a stress for a positive outcome, but not so much that the body is chronically fighting back. When your hormones are balanced, your hunger cravings and energy are too, along with you sleeping better, improved mood, and a humming metabolism that is flexible and adaptable. With a metabolism like this your body can get more out of it’s food and that includes carbs, fats, and proteins…even occasional treats.

Long story short, you need to be doing strength and resistance training. NO you will NOT bulk up by lifting weights. You will not look manly, thick, or jacked. You WILL be lean, strong, fit, toned and tight!

Head to the gym and start training today. While you’re at it, give Fusion Fit Group Training a go!

Get Fit’N’Fused!

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