Why you’re actually not losing weight, Reason #2

Why you’re actually not losing weight, reason #2: You’re eating too little.

Eating too little of food is just as bad as eating too much. That’s because you’re working against your metabolism - which is in charge of regulating all your fat burning and other processes. When you fight your metabolism, you may see weight loss {initially} but fast forward some time and you’ll find you’re hungry all the time, have intense cravings, and unstable energy. These are all signs that your hormones are imbalanced and the metabolism is trying to regain some sort of middle ground.

When this happens, you will see plateaus, or maybe even weight gain. You’ll also feel hungry and get cravings a lot. What has happened is your body has slowed down how much it burns in order to protect itself.

You might say, but that’s not fair, I’m trying to lose weight, but your body doesn’t care about that weight, it cares about maintaining life. So it will hold onto that fat and slow down how much it burns all because you’re eating too little.

Instead aim to eat just enough, or slightly less than maintenance calories. Do this consistently, and you’ll be in much better shape and likely also enjoy yourself because you’re not chronically having hunger and cravings.

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