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Stand and Paddle by Fusion Fit

What We Do:

Stand and Paddle by Fusion Fit Training & Coaching offers a variety of Standup Paddleboard events, classes, paddling tours and more in Bluffton, South Carolina and the Lowcountry. 


Our signature “Paddle Fused Fitness” and Sunrise/Sunset Paddles are our most popular, one-of-a-kind SUP experiences. 

But you may also choose from SUP 101 introduction, 'Paddle & Pose' Yoga, 'Paddle Fused Fit Cruises’ or 'Paddle Fused Fit Core' classes, and daytime paddle tours. 


Coming soon Stand & Paddle will be offering a "Paddle Fused Fitness Certification", local seasonal events and races, and custom designed SUP boards, paddles and equipment.


About Us - Stand & Paddle and Fusion Fit:


Stand & Paddle has been around nearly 10 years and started at mostly SUP tours and paddle excursions in the Bluffton and surrounding Lowcountry. Three years ago, Stand & Paddle partnered with Fusion Fit to bring you Paddle Fused Fitness and PaddleYoga/PaddleFit classes. 


These classes went off so well, by season two, during the heat of the Coronavirus Pandemic, Paddle Fused Fitness classes and SUP events were nearly maxed out.


Fusion Fit is a local small business that began as Personal Training and a Bootcamp.  Fusion Fit Training and Coaching has since become known for their Small Group Training (their signature fitness program and the Original Small Group Training of Bluffton and the Lowcountry). 

Fusion Fit’s owner Rachel Cantore, began Paddle Fused Fitness classes with Roddy of Stand & Paddle in 2019 after becoming a PaddleFit certified coach and taking up SUP both recreationally and competitively herself.  Rachel’s vision was to bring fitness to the water so individuals could experience the benefits of nature, sunshine and the great outdoors while getting their fit on.  Being an athlete and living an active lifestyle her entire life, Rachel loves being in the gym equally as much as getting outdoors into the fresh air.  Both are necessary for a balanced and enjoyable life so why not pair them both together into a fun fit experience.  This is exactly what Paddle Fused Fitness does.


In late 2020, Fusion Fit launched an Adult Gymnastics program that is run right here in Bluffton at Coastal Gymnastics Center.  Fusion Fit is a ‘mobile’ or ‘remote’ business.  Classes and workouts are run out of one of two local gyms in Bluffton (Cynergy Fitness and Coastal Gymnastics Center), and classes, events and services may be found in-person locally or virtually online.  Online services include 1-1 or group fitness, nutrition and lifestyle coaching, DIY programs, and program design.


Late 2020, Stand & Paddle was bought by Fusion Fit and Rachel took over the Stand & Paddle name and business.  Stand & Paddle name remains and continues to provide similar services, just within Fusion Fit.


Our season typically runs from mid Spring  (April/May) through November, however we may do classes and tours in the offseason as well depending on the weather. 


We have classes that run throughout the week, weekday mornings and evenings (sunrise/sunset), weekday lunchtime, and Sunday mornings.


Contact, Rachel at or text 630-300-8289 to schedule a private individual, partner or group event.


How it works:

Well, really we meet you our designated location that we run and launch our Paddles from.  Majority of the time this is the Bluffton Oyster Factory Park on Wharf Street in Bluffton, South Carolina.


We can accommodate up to 8 individuals per class with a SUP board. 


If you own your own board, you are welcome to sign up and join us as well for either a Paddle Fused Fitness class or SUP tour/event.  Cost if you bring your board will be reduced accordingly (for Paddle Fused Fitness classes, cost for a class if you own/bring your own board is $30 instead of $40).


Paddle Fused Fitness classes run approximately 90 minutes, including SUP instruction


All payments may be made via either Cash, Check, or Venmo (@Rachel-Cantore).  You may pay this upon signing up or upon arrival prior to starting your class.


When signing up you will need to enter a credit card information in order to reserve your spot, BUT you will NOT be charged via credit card unless there is a “no-show” without prior cancellation. 


In the event of a “no-show” or “late cancellation” charges will be made via CC on file.

Signing up:

You may sign up for scheduled classes or contact us to reserve a day and time that works for you.  You may view any prescheduled classes on our website here.  We do our best to plan ahead so you have an idea of and may sign up in advance.  However, due to weather – storms, winds, tides, etc – we have the right to change or cancel a class prior and will inform you of any changes. 


To sign up, head to our scheduling app on our site.


Cancellation policy:

We have a limited amount of spots available for our classes.  Our Paddle Fused Fitness and SUP events fill up quickly and early.  Therefore, we ask that you do your best to commit to the event/class that you sign up for.  If you must cancel, please do so as soon as you become aware of your needing to. 


Any cancellations less than 24 hours in advance will be considered a “late cancellation” and are subject to being charged up to the full cost of the class/event. 


Safety, Tides, Winds and weather:


The Bluffton May river has a tide change of 6+ feet between low and high tide.  Due to the significance in tide changes this can make paddling either much easier or more difficult on a standup paddleboard.  To keep classes/events as easy, enjoyable, and safe as possible, we determine the direction and routes of our Paddles based on the tides, winds and weather.


At low tide, there are plentiful Oyster beds visible to the eye which we will navigate around and avoid due to safety.  At high tides these beds or often covered up, and there is plentiful waters to paddle through.


Winds are variable.  We will run classes and events as long as winds are under 10 mph.  Note too that higher winds paired with tides will affect the routes we take and Paddle Fused Fitness classes.  On a windier day, you may be paddling a bit more than on a calm day doing fitness on the water.  Nonetheless, you will have a blast and get a workout in.

What to bring/wear:


Please bring a water bottle.  Wear comfortable clothing or a swimsuit – something you do not mind getting wet.  We recommend sunscreen and bug spray (especially for early am/evening and spring/fall weather events due to no-see-ums).  We do NOT recommend wearing shoes on the boards.  Please do not bring any valuables as you risk them falling into the water and being lost, which we cannot recover and are not held liable for.  We will be taking photos and videos during your classes, so don’t worry you will have memories to share!  Keys will be kept in a safe dry location while we are on the water. 



BOTH newbies and seasoned SUPers are welcome!  You do NOT need to have prior experience to join us.  At the start of every class or event we will go over basics SUP how-tos and safety.  Individuals may stand, kneel or sit on the boards, and Paddle Fused Fitness class exercises are scalable to your fitness level and ability.  We want you to enjoy yourself and have a memorable experience!

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Ready to join us on the water?

Best Times to Paddle with us

The May River waterways are often calmest in the mornings/early daytime, and on weekdays (less boat traffic)

*Paddles and Classes last approx. 90 minutes.

*Max 8 people per group, unless you BYO board.

*Paddles will be at Bluffton Oyster Factory Park, 63 Wharf Street in Bluffton.


**Inquire for other times and days outside of the above.  We would love to accommodate you and your group!

***We factor in winds, tides, temps, sunrise/sunset times, and boat traffic when scheduling our Paddles so you have the best experience possible.

Pricing & What's Included

Paddles including Lessons, Tours, Sunrise or Sunset Paddles, Group Outings, Team Building Events


  • Duration 90-120 minutes

  • How to SUP tutorial

  • Equipment

  • Guide/coach accompanying you 


  • up to 4 people - $65/person

  • 5-9 people - $55/person

  • 10+ people  - $45/person

More info on group paddles, tours and lessons here...

Paddle Fused Fitness Classes



  • Duration 70-80 minutes

  • How to SUP tutorial

  • Equipment

  • Coach/personal trainer to lead your fitness session 


  • $40/person

View the Paddle Fused Fitness Classes here...



** Remember: Tipping your guide / instructor Greatly reduces your chances of shark or alligator attacks!  (Just kidding!) **

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