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me on my purple paddle board at sunrise at sandbard.HEIC

Rachel won 1st place in the 2021 OluKai Lowcountry Boil Paddle Battle SUP Race Short Course in Hilton Head Island, the 2021 Carolina Cup Harbor Island Race, AND 2021 Beaufort SUP Race!

My Story

I have always been passionate about fitness, physical activities, and sports.  For as long as I can remember I have wanted to live by the water and ocean. I would envision myself waking up and being able to walk right out to surf.


Back when I visited California for a fitness conference we got to try stand up paddle boarding. I fell in love with it...

A Few Other Things


  • We operate all our local paddles from the Bluffton Oyster Factory Park where we start out with land introduction and instruction then head out onto the beautiful May River in Bluffton, SC.

  • Our waters are full of nature, fish dolphins and other living marine life, sand bars, oyster beds, and more! Weather, winds, temps, tides and currents all factor into booking paddles.

  • We have our own fleet of paddle boards which we provide participants (unless you have your own and want to bring it). Our paddle boards are custom designed and used for recreational, fitness, yoga, and touring.

  • We do NOT rent out boards. The main reason for this is safety and confidence. We want you to have the BEST experience while stand up paddling and in order to do that we want to provide you with the guidance, support, coaching, and expertise both on land and on the water, and just handing you a board and Paddle will limit that. Plus, we do have tides/currents, winds, and oyster beds to take into consideration that for the inexperienced paddler and especially those unfamiliar with our waters can make paddling solo extra guesswork and effort. As coaches and instructors/guides want take this guesswork out of the equation for the best experience.

  • No experience necessary to SUP with us! We want to help as many people learn to SUP and successfully stand up while paddle boarding. Our boards accommodate up to 280 pounds and comfortably accommodate one person. We have done tandem Adult paddles to the sand bar, Adult-child paddles, and Adult + dog paddles which entail a slightly different experience.

  • Children and teens may learn to SUP too (conditions apply).