About Stand and Paddle

Stand & Paddle has been around nearly 10 years and started at mostly SUP tours and paddle excursions in the Bluffton and surrounding Lowcountry. Three years ago, Stand & Paddle partnered with Fusion Fit to bring you Paddle Fused Fitness and PaddleYoga/PaddleFit classes. 


These classes went off so well, by season two, during the heat of the Coronavirus Pandemic, Paddle Fused Fitness classes and SUP events were nearly maxed out.


Fusion Fit is a local small business that began as Personal Training and a Bootcamp.  Fusion Fit Training and Coaching has since become known for their Small Group Training (their signature fitness program and the Original Small Group Training of Bluffton and the Lowcountry). 

Fusion Fit’s owner Rachel Cantore, began Paddle Fused Fitness classes with former owner and founder of Stand and Paddle, Roddy, in 2019 after becoming a PaddleFit certified coach and taking up SUP both recreationally and competitively herself.  Rachel’s vision was to bring fitness to the water so individuals could experience the benefits of nature, sunshine and the great outdoors while getting their fit on.  Being an athlete and living an active lifestyle her entire life, Rachel loves being in the gym equally as much as getting outdoors into the fresh air.  Both are necessary for a balanced and enjoyable life so why not pair them both together into a fun fit experience.  This is exactly what Paddle Fused Fitness does.


In late 2020, Fusion Fit launched an Adult Gymnastics program that is run right here in Bluffton at Coastal Gymnastics Center.  Fusion Fit is a ‘mobile’ or ‘remote’ business.  Classes and workouts are run out of one of two local gyms in Bluffton (Cynergy Fitness and Coastal Gymnastics Center), and classes, events and services may be found in-person locally or virtually online.  Online services include 1-1 or group fitness, nutrition and lifestyle coaching, DIY programs, and program design.


Late 2020, Stand & Paddle was bought by Fusion Fit and Rachel took over the Stand & Paddle name and business.  Stand & Paddle name remains and continues to provide similar services, just within Fusion Fit.

Rachel does SUP racing as well as Gymnastics, strength training and other physical activities and outdoor water sports. 

My Story

I have always been passionate about fitness, physical activities, and sports.  For as long as I can remember I have wanted to live by the water and ocean. I would envision myself waking up and being able to walk right out to surf.


Back when I visited California for a fitness conference we got to try stand up paddle boarding. I fell in love with it then and a few years later I moved to California and during that time I saw my first SUP race.


When i moved to Bluffton in 2014, I still didn’t know much at all about Paddleboarding or surfing, but my education, background and experience is in the fitness industry and personal training. So I purchased the most basic paddleboard, ones that you find at Walmart or Sam’s Club. I did a little research and found a course called PaddleFit which I signed up and got certified through which taught me the very basics of Sup.


Later that year the place I worked at scheduled a group outing with a local paddle boarder who owned a business doing tours and lessons. As a group we paddled out to our local sandbar. I had brought my own paddleboard instead of using his, and while out there he had commented to me that I was too good of a paddler to have such a basic board.


I decided to invest in some new paddle boards of his that were higher end. Prior to the next season, Roddy reached out to me and proposed the idea of collaborating on a Paddleboarding and Fitness class.


We started paddling together and I was excited to try this all out. With my experience and knowledge already in the fitness industry and applying what I knew about paddle boarding with his expertise and boards we gave it a shot.


From there Paddle Fused Fitness was born!


I love working out but i also love being outdoors, and i’ve been able to fuse them both together to provide the best of both worlds to those who come to Paddle Fused Fitness classes!