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Paddle Board Lessons & Paddle Board Tours

Join us in the fun and adventure of this exciting water sport!   Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced paddler looking for new scenery or to advance your paddling techniques. We offer stand up paddle boarding lessons, group and family paddles, sunset paddles, moonlight paddles, sunrise paddles, SUP race training, and SUP Yoga & fitness.  We are located in Bluffton, SC, very close to Hilton Head Island and Savannah, GA. Water Sports & Outdoor Recreation at it's Best!  Fun & Fitness out on the River!

Please Note: If members of your group are nervous about  standing on a paddle board - Great News - they do not have to ever stand up at all - they can Sit, kneel, lay down or get in whatever position makes them comfortable!   You can sit on the paddle board just like you would in a kayak or canoe.

Paddle Boarding vs Kayaks & Kayaking:  Paddle boarding offers significantly  more Freedom & options than Kayaks or kayaking. On a SUP, you can Sit, Kneel, Lay down or stand of course.  So many more position & movement options than being basically stuck in one position while sitting down inside a kayak.

Sunset Paddles - Paddle your Board into the Setting Sun!

Paddling at Sunset is usually much more peaceful and beautiful than our typically daytime tours, and the scenery is Amazing!


Start time varies during the year, and will be roughly 1.5 hours before Sunset, so that we will start in full light, be able to watch the entire setting of the sun while from atop your paddleboard, then will be almost dark when we return to shore. You will LOVE this amazing experience and beautiful scenery!


This tour is intended for anyone, beginners or experienced alike.  We will have a short lesson on land beforehand for those in the group that have not paddleboarded before.

Moonlight Tours / Night Paddles - Paddle your Board at Night!

Paddle Boarding under the Stars & Moon: Paddling at night by Moonlight is the Best!  It is so beautiful and peaceful out on the river after dark. It's our favorite time to go.


Typically start our "Moonlight" paddle outings , around 8 to 8:30 pm, but it will depend upon the time of the year, the moon phase, moon rise time, and the tides.  Because of this, we do not schedule these tours on a regular basis, but as conditions warrant.   Just send us a message if you'd like to schedule a moonlight paddle for your group, or if you'd like to join in on our next night group paddle.


We do not always actually have " moonlight " to paddle by, as it will depend upon cloud cover, moon rise time, and moon phase,..... But, it doesn't matter, as it's always beautiful and peaceful out on the river at night.


This is an Awesome experience if you have never gone paddling at night!


We supply everyone with lights for safety.



This tour is not intended for kids, or anyone who has no paddle experience at all.  We highly recommend going out on one of our regular SUP lessons /tours, before trying a nighttime paddle experience.

***How to Sign Up***

Scheduling Your Paddling Adventure:


Our schedule is affected significantly by local Tides and Weather.  Simply send us an Email or Text message and let us know:

1.) How many people are in your party

2.) Your preferred day(s) & time(s) that you'd like to go out.

3.) Let us know  if your group is interested in any of our specialty tours or outings, such as  Sunset Paddles, Moonlight Paddles, Sunrise Paddles, Private Lessons, or SUP Yoga / Fitness.


- Venmo (preferred method) @rachel-cantore, or scan QR code below
- Cash is acceptable but you must choose "hold with credit card" and email me at to confirm and let me know you will be paying this way

*If there are any conflicts, problems, or we need to reschedule we will email or call you immediately.

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