SUP Coaching

Paddle Technique | Race Training & Coaching

SUP 101 lessons

For beginners, newbies who have never paddled before, just purchased a board, or it’s been a long time maybe only paddling once before without any formal instruction. We will go over the very basics including: board info, getting on and off your board, understanding weather and wind conditions and tides, standing up on your board, and basic paddling


SUP coaching

These coaching sessions will go beyond the basics of paddling to help you become a better paddler that’s more efficient and confident. These are great for intermediate to advanced paddlers, those who have gone through SUP 101 intro and basics, and SUP racers wanting to take their paddling to the next level. Proper paddling technique makes for a more enjoyable experience even for the average person just wanting to explore and paddle leisurely or for general fitness and physical activity.


SUP fitness training on land

I will put together exercises and a training program for you that can be done on land at home or the gym specifically geared toward SUP. Includes coaching and personal training component.

SUP Clinics and Workshops

Events TBA

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Your session costs include all equipment needed (board, paddle and PFD), full lesson & instructions, professional guide, then an exciting fun-filled adventure out on the river!

SUP 101 Lessons and Coaching may be 1-1 up to 3 individuals at a time.

SUP 101 Lessons & Beginner Instruction

When: Bookings by appointment, you may be with up to 3 individuals

Duration: 1-1.25 hours per lesson


Do you want to go out and experience SUP at a time that better fits your schedule?  Or maybe you want a more personalized experience.  Let us assist you in enjoying the perfect day on the water.


Whether your goals are to just try a new activity, improve your overall health and conditioning, push your paddling technique to new heights or you just want a refreshing approach to working out that truly works, we have a program for you and we are excited to have you.


Doesn’t matter why you decided to come out on the water with us the end result will be that we will be having fun and becoming fit!


Some things worked on:

  • Efficient paddle technique

  • High intensity training

  • Water based training

  • Personalized program

  • Fun

  • Friendly environment


Our main focus will be to help you achieve your goals and have fun, so the hard work you invest pays off and becomes a part of your healthier and happier lifestyle.


We want you to be a part of our growing Stand and Paddle SUP community!


Lesson includes: Equipment | Lifevest/P.F.D. (Personal flotation device) | Water Safety Instruction | On-land Instruction | Water Instruction | Free Play/Exploration


Our instructors will provide a safe and challenging experience.



1  Lesson – $100

3-Lesson Package – $225

SUP Coaching


Advanced SUP Training


When: Private Bookings by appointment, 1-1 sessions only


Duration: by the hour




A comfortable environment to take your SUP to the next level, learn new skills and drills, and get the maximum results from your paddling.  Great opportunity to train for SUP races or SUP Fitness


Own Equipment + PFD (mandatory)


1 Session – $75

5-Session Package – $300

SUP Training - land and off season


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