SUP Lessons and Instruction
Intro 101 | Technique | Race Training & Coaching

SUP 101 lesson

For beginners, newbies who have never paddled before, just purchased a board, or it’s been a long time maybe only paddling once before without any formal instruction. We will go over the very basics including: board info, getting on and off your board, understanding weather and wind conditions and tides, standing up on your board, and basic paddling


SUP paddling technique lessons

These coaching sessions will go beyond the basics of paddling to help you become a better paddler that’s more efficient and confident. These are great for intermediate to advanced paddlers, those who have gone through SUP 101 intro and basics, and SUP racers wanting to take their paddling to the next level. Proper paddling technique makes for a more enjoyable experience even for the average person just wanting to explore and paddle leisurely or for general fitness and physical activity.


SUP fitness training on land

I will put together exercises and a training program for you that can be done on land at home or the gym specifically geared toward SUP. Includes coaching and personal training component.

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Your session costs include all equipment needed (board, paddle and PFD), full lesson & instructions, professional guide, then an exciting fun-filled adventure out on the river!