SUP Lessons & Tours, Sunrise & Sunset Paddles, Group Outings & Team Building

Paddle Board Lessons & Paddle Board Tours

Join us in the fun and adventure of this exciting water sport!   Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced paddler looking for new scenery or to advance your paddling techniques. We offer stand up paddle boarding lessons, group and family paddles, sunset paddles, moonlight paddles, sunrise paddles, SUP race training, and SUP Yoga & fitness.  We are located in Bluffton, SC, very close to Hilton Head Island and Savannah, GA. Water Sports & Outdoor Recreation at it's Best!  Fun & Fitness out on the River!

Please Note: If members of your group are nervous about  standing on a paddle board - Great News - they do not have to ever stand up at all - they can Sit, kneel, lay down or get in whatever position makes them comfortable!   You can sit on the paddle board just like you would in a kayak or canoe.

Paddle Boarding vs Kayaks & Kayaking:  Paddle boarding offers significantly  more Freedom & options than Kayaks or kayaking. On a SUP, you can Sit, Kneel, Lay down or stand of course.  So many more position & movement options than being basically stuck in one position while sitting down inside a kayak.

Stand Up Paddle Board Lessons, Tours, Group Outings, Team Building Paddles

Learn the basics of stand up paddle boarding, then apply your new skills out on the water with the help & support of your instructor & guide. A short, but thorough, lesson & safety session on land is followed by an guided tour on the boards out on the beautiful Lowcountry waterways.  2 hrs total time. Your session costs include all equipment needed (board, paddle and PFD), full lesson & instructions, professional guide, then an exciting fun-filled adventure out on the river!


Remember: Tipping your guide / instructor Greatly reduces your chances of shark or alligator attacks!  (Just kidding!)

Sunrise & Sunset Paddles

Sunrise Paddles - Start your day on the Water Watching the Sun Rise over the May River!

Paddling at Sunrise is refreshing, peaceful and beautiful, and the scenery is Amazing!  Our Sunrise Paddles allow you to take in all of what nature has to provide, and truly appreciate the beauty of the Lowcountry and May River.  Our Sunrises here in Bluffton and Hilton Head are truly breathtaking, and the experience watching them while Paddling on the water is one of a kind.


Start time varies during the year, and will start roughly 30 minutes before Sunrise, so that we will start while still dark, paddle out onto the water with flashlights and lighting, and be able to watch the entire rising of the sun while from atop your paddleboard. You will LOVE this amazing experience and beautiful scenery!


This tour is intended for anyone, beginners or experienced alike.  We will have a short lesson on land beforehand for those in the group that have not paddleboarded before.

Sunset Paddles - Paddle your Board into the Setting Sun!


Paddling at Sunset is usually much more peaceful and beautiful than our typically daytime tours, and the scenery is Amazing!


Start time varies during the year, and will be roughly 1.5 hours before Sunset, so that we will start in full light, be able to watch the entire setting of the sun while from atop your paddleboard, then will be almost dark when we return to shore. You will LOVE this amazing experience and beautiful scenery!


This tour is intended for anyone, beginners or experienced alike.  We will have a short lesson on land beforehand for those in the group that have not paddleboarded before.

Moonlight Tours / Night Paddles - Paddle your Board at Night!


Paddle Boarding under the Stars & Moon: Paddling at night by Moonlight is the Best!  It is so beautiful and peaceful out on the river after dark. It's our favorite time to go.


Typically start our "Moonlight" paddle outings , around 8 to 8:30 pm, but it will depend upon the time of the year, the moon phase, moon rise time, and the tides.  Because of this, we do not schedule these tours on a regular basis, but as conditions warrant.   Just send us a message if you'd like to schedule a moonlight paddle for your group, or if you'd like to join in on our next night group paddle.


We do not always actually have " moonlight " to paddle by, as it will depend upon cloud cover, moon rise time, and moon phase,..... But, it doesn't matter, as it's always beautiful and peaceful out on the river at night.


This is an Awesome experience if you have never gone paddling at night!


We supply everyone with lights for safety.



This tour is not intended for kids, or anyone who has no paddle experience at all.  We highly recommend going out on one of our regular SUP lessons /tours, before trying a nighttime paddle experience.

Pricing & What's Included

Paddles including Lessons, Tours, Sunrise or Sunset Paddles, Group Outings, Team Building Events


  • Duration 1.5 to 2 hours

  • How-to SUP tutorial

  • Equipment - paddle board, paddle, life vest, any fitness equipment for classes

  • Guide/coach accompanying you 


  • $65/person

  • BYOPB ("bring your own paddle board") - inquire to save

Remember: Tipping your guide / instructor Greatly reduces your chances of shark or alligator attacks!  (Just kidding!)

Cancellation policy:

Our Paddle Fused Fitness classes and other Paddle board options fill up quickly and early, and we have a limited amount of spots available for each class.  Therefore, we ask that you do your best to commit to the event/class that you sign up for.  If you must cancel, please do so as soon as you become aware of your needing to. 


Any cancellations less than 24 hours in advance will be considered a “late cancellation” and are subject to being charged up to the full cost of the class/event. In the event of a “no-show” or “late cancellation” charges will be made via the CC on file.

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Scheduling Your Paddling Adventure:


Our schedule is affected significantly by local Tides and Weather.  Simply send us an Email or Text message and let us know:

1.) How many people are in your party

2.) Your preferred day(s) & time(s) that you'd like to go out.

3.) Let us know  if your group is interested in any of our specialty tours or outings, such as  Sunset Paddles, Moonlight Paddles, Sunrise Paddles, Private Lessons, or SUP Yoga / Fitness.


- Venmo (preferred method) @rachel-cantore, or scan QR code below
- Cash is acceptable but you must choose "hold with credit card" and email me at to confirm and let me know you will be paying this way

*If there are any conflicts, problems, or we need to reschedule we will email or call you immediately.

The Best Times to Paddle:

When: We offer tours virtually all day, everyday, but there are definitely better times and not as good times.  In general, the earlier in the day, or very late afternoon/early evenings are typically much nicer paddling conditions than mid-day.   During our season, we often schedule tours at 8 am, 10 am, & 12 noon, plus a Sunset Tour which will be anywhere from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm start time, depending on time of year.   During the hottest, most humid, and busiest times of year we try to Avoid tours during the mid-afternoons, as not only will get uncomfortably hot & humid, but it will also get very Crowded out on the river with boats and other watercraft, especially on the weekends and holidays.  It's best to avoid those times if possible.    You Must contact us and schedule your session ahead of time, to make sure that we have space & equipment for your and your group.


Winds: Stand Up Paddle Boarding is very condition sport, meaning in very calm waters & winds, it's very easy and relaxing... almost meditative and therapeutic.  But, strong winds, lots of waves, and strong currents, can all make SUP potentially much more challenging.  If winds are too strong at the scheduled time of your tour, we may have reschedule for a day with milder winds.  Windy conditions ( and strong currents), can also affect small kids much more than adults, and may make it impossible for smaller kids to paddle on their own.  They may have to go tandem with a parent, or we may have to reschedule.


On a positive note about winds, if you and or your group is willing to paddle up into a strong wind, then we can turn around mid-way and do a " down-winder " back home.  The wind pushes you back and makes for a very fun, exciting, and easy return trip!


Kids & Age Restrictions: In general, roughly 12 to 13 years old is the cut-off age for kids to be able to paddle a board by themselves on one of our normal mixed group tours. But, it is very individualistic!  And condition dependent also!   We've had a few 11 year olds that have done great, and we've also had 14 year olds that just couldn't do it on their own.   Windy days will make it considerably more challenging for small kids.


If you have small kids who really want to try paddling themselves, we highly recommend scheduling a Private Family outing, as opposed to joining in with one of our regularly scheduled mixed group tours.  That way, your family can go along at it's own pace and shorter distances than our normal tours go.   We can spend as much time helping the smaller kids learn to paddle themselves, and/or just playing around on the boards or sandbars after they get tired!



We schedule all of our outings for 2 hours, which includes 15 to 20 mins of instructions on land, the guided tour on the water, and then usually getting back to the destination around 15 minutes before the 2 hours are up.  So typically we are actually out on the water for approximately 1.5 hours plus or minus depending on the group and the environmental conditions.

Additional Questions?  Please contact

Where We Paddle:


Where:  We typically run most of our lessons & tours from the public park & landing at the end of Wharf Street, in old town Bluffton.  This is a beautiful location, with amenities, parking and miles of great paddling routes!  The address is 75 Wharf Street, Bluffton, SC and it's right beside the Bluffton Oyster Company.


We also paddle fairly frequently from Trask Landing on Colleton River, Colleton River Plantation, Berkeley Hall, Rose Hill Plantation, Moss Creek Plantation, Buckingham Landing or Pinkney Island Landing at the foot of the bridges to Hilton Head Island, or the 2 public boat landings on Broad Creek in Hilton Head Island: Marshland Road Landing and Cross Island Boat Landing. And from the Port Royal Sound Foundation and Maritime Center on the Chechessee River. You must contact us beforehand to set up a special outing from one of these locations.


We occasionally do group paddle outings from various other locations all around the Lowcountry area, including Hilton Head Island, Beaufort, Bluffton and Savannah areas.  We paddle the New River in Hardeeville, the Savannah River, the Combahee River, and the amazing Ebenezer Creek near Rincon, GA ( this place is Awesome!). We can arrange to do a special paddle session for your group at any of these or other locations, just send us a message.


What to Bring:  You should bring Sunblock; Footwear that is ok to get wet or muddy; athletic clothing or preferably bathing suits; Towels for afterwards (just in case you get wet); and possibly bug spray (just in case, though not usually needed).  You might want to bring along some water or other hydration to suck down right before and immediately after the outing, but sometimes it's not that easy to keep and use a water bottle on the board while we're out on the river.


Tides:   We have a very large tidal differential here in the Lowcountry of about 7 feet every 6 hours.   This makes for a very significant difference in the landscape of the river and marshes between dead high tide and dead low tide.   It also makes for a very strong tidal current which changes every 6 hours.   For the majority of our tours, we go against that current for the first half of the trip and then ride that current back on the second half of the trip.


High Tides and Low Tides both have their advantages for paddling out on the river.  At high tide, there is much more volume of water, so you have more places where you can paddle, such as through the marsh, up in the small estuary creeks, and underneath the the majestic limbs of the  local live oak trees  with the beautiful Spanish moss hanging down off of them!  This is a beautiful and scenic experience.


Low tides have a much more limited locations where you can paddle, BUT then you can easily access the beautiful sand bars that found all along the river channel.   Your tour can make stops along the way and frolic along the soft sandy "beaches", or make one long mid-way stop and spend time swimming, looking for wildlife, and maybe attempting some yoga, strength or gymnastic poses on the paddleboards!