Why Weight Training and Strength Training?

Weight Lifting and Resistance Training are the gold standard for a healthy metabolism, performance, injury prevention, and sustainable results, whether your goals are weight loss, performance. getting lean and toned, side stepping pain and injury, protecting bones, or living a vibrant fit and healthy long life.

Transform. Build. Burn. Maintain.


Research continues to show weight trainings benefits. Plus, you can vary the style of your weight sessions once you’re comfortable and understand the basics to various specific goals including getting your heart rate up, and getting breathless hot and sweaty - I.e. cardiovascular benefits with weights!


The standard "eat less, exercise more" approach to dieting and weight loss leads to about 20-50% loss of lean tissue (muscle).

That's important: metabolic rate accounts for over two-thirds of calories burned at rest and more than half of BMR is determined by your muscle mass.

You may be increasing calories and gaining weight, but that weight may or may not be fat. You could instead be gaining **lean tissue** – doing your metabolism a favor ✨ which is a VERY a GOOD THING!! 💪🏼.

The demands you place on your body will determine whether excess calories become fat or muscle and whether reductions in calories will result in fat or muscle loss.

THIS is why 💪🏼✨weight training✨💪🏼 should be the dominant activity in fat loss plans. It's the only type of movement that can funnel extra calories into muscle gain versus fat.

✨2-4 days of Srength and weight training a week may:

💪🏼Support weight loss versus cardio routine
💪🏼Support loss of FAT rather than muscle tissue versus cardio routine
💪🏼Keep your metabolism higher than cardio routine
💪🏼Meaning you’ll burn MORE calories doing weights than a cardio routine
✨You will NOT get these results from cardio 🚫🏃🏼‍♀️ , aerobic or similar style workouts.

Using exercise and training to burn calories ... Rather than build lean tissue that will translate into a leaner, tighter physique, and a healthy metabolism.

Weight and strength training is excellent for building lean muscle mass - the tissue needed to maintain a healthy, humming, balanced, adaptable and flexible metabolism.

In fact, regular resistance training along with ample protein intake is THE WAY to sidestep weight gain, yo-yo weight REgain and pain and injury, sustain a healthy weight and vitality throughout life, and support performance gains (even in endurance athletes like runners).

Take Home Points:

1) You’re going to be best off approaching the 🥗 caloriedeficit 🥦 (or balance if you’re going for maintenance) via other means besides exercise and training which include dietmovementlifestyle and mindset.

2) Prioritize weight and strength training for all of its benefits. Using cardio, vigorous exercise, bootcamps and high intensity interval training (hiit) ONLY as a supplement.